Thank you for your interest in FUHAI CLUB, where our focus is to provide you with your true match - someone to spend your time with, travel with, and enjoy. We’re always actively recruiting to discover those hidden gems that are so elusive to the general populous. While you will get to know these select young men, you’ll enjoy full confidentiality within the screening process. Meet the ones you like and pass on the ones that don’t suit your fancy.

Our offering is crafted for discerning, successful professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t have time to pursue “screening” potential matches. The matchmaking team utilizes a multi-factor matching process to ensure that the possibilities we provide are more relevant and therefore have a higher chance of fulfilling that special place in your life. Over time your tastes may change – and we’re here to continue serving you and identify the most relevant matches with the goal of finding the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with.



15 Matches

If you’d like to dip your toe in the water, we can get started with our introductory package. We offer 15 matches screened, presented, and selected (that means you meet them) within the calendar year. Our success bonus is due upon matching you successfully.

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Unlimited Matches

Are you a bit more choosy? Let us start searching for your perfect match today. This includes unlimited matches within a 12 month period. Our success bonus is due upon matching you successfully. If you’d like to pause your arrangement while you get to know someone, we offer two pauses per contract term.

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Guaranteed Match

Why not take your time? Our team will work with you indefinitely to provide all of our services on an unlimited basis – which may be a year – or a few years. If you’d like a guaranteed match, and don’t want to worry about burning through your matches prematurely, this is the plan for you.

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