FUHAI.CLUB is an international company with the head office in Beijing,our service center organizes real gone events for international cultural exchange in multiple cities of many countries around the world.

We devote our efforts to promote and pass on the spirit of friendship and cooperation, extensive cultural exchanges, media cooperation, volunteer services and other international cooperation between Chinese and foreign associations.

1.Activities for Chinese abroad.

We arrange international trips to Europe or the United States where our Chinese single men have a good opportunity to chum up with foreign ladies and develop international relations.

2.Activities for foreigners in China.

We arrange international trips to China where foreign single men have a great chance to chum up with Chinese ladies and develop international relations.

3.Domestic and international social intercourse.

We organize a lot of dating events for our clients who are working or studying in China.

4.Chinese language course for foreigners.

We invite Chinese and foreign experts and scholars to have some lectures and seminars in order to exchange some information and acquire knowledge of Chinese culture.

5.Talent exchange,language training.

We help foreign talented people to work in China and vice varsa. We also provide foreigners with Chinese teachers who have the qualifications needed to teach Chinese as a foreign language.

6.Addional services and advantages.

Arranging swall weddings in both European and Chinese style, organize leisure time activities and and other special services projects.